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Private Security Industry Regulations Under the Spotlight

May 4, 2022

Department of Police

Draft regulations on security service providers protecting and safeguarding game reserves are in the pipeline.

The police department published the draft regulations in Government Gazette 46288 for comment in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act.

The proposed amendments to the Private Security Industry Regulations focus on general functions of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and general provisions.

The draft regulations are designed to ensure that any person providing or intending to provide security services at any private or public game reserve is registered with the Authority and trained before rendering anti-poaching protection services; uses the patrolling vehicle as authorised by the relevant person at the game reserve; complies with the act and any law applicable to the private security industry in respect of the use of working animals; uses and handles firearms in a safe, lawful and responsible manner; appoints a responsible person for purposes of monitoring security officers performing anti-poaching services and uses any security equipment system only for purposes of conducting anti-poaching services and such use must comply with the protection of personal protection act.

Draft regulations relating to training of security service providers in the private security industry and draft regulations relating to the use of remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) in the private security industry have also been published for comment.

The draft regulations on training aim to ensure that security service providers undergo quality and relevant security training; those providing training are registered and qualified to provide such training and all training centres are registered and accredited.

As regards the draft regulations on remotely piloted aircraft, objectives include determining the requirements and rules for security service providers operating and advertising RPAS for commercial purposes; effectively controlling and monitoring the use of RPAS in the private security industry and ensuring that the RPAS are being operated in a lawful manner.

Comment on the draft regulations is invited within four weeks of the date of publication.