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Priority Housing Development Areas in the Pipeline

May 21, 2019

Department of Human Settlements

21 May 2019

Comment is sought on proposed Priority Housing Development Areas (PHDAs).

The human settlements department published the proposed PHDAs in Government Gazette 42464.

According to the notice, the PHDAs are “intended to advance Human Settlements Spatial Transformation and Consolidation by ensuring that the delivery of housing is used to restructure and revitalise towns and cities, strengthen the livelihood prospects of households and overcome apartheid spatial patterns by fostering integrated urban forms”.

PHDAs are designed to address specific housing needs to achieve sustainable human settlements by means of intergovernmental cooperation, integrated planning and coordinated programmed implementation aimed at fast tracking housing delivery.

Principles underpinning the PHDAs include spatial justice, spatial efficiency, access to connectivity, economic and social infrastructure, access to adequate accommodation and provision of quality housing options.

National housing programmes are synchronized within PHDAs.

For example, the Integrated Residential Development Programme provides a tool to plan, fund and develop integrated settlements that include all the necessary land uses and housing types and price categories to create an integrated community. Subsidised, finance linked housing, social and rental housing, commercial, institutional and other land uses to be developed are provided.

In addition, the Social Housing Programme in Restructuring Zones provides for “Social Housing located in specific, defined localities (mostly urban) which have been identified as areas of opportunity (largely economic) where the poor have limited or inadequate access to accommodation, and where the provision of social housing can contribute to redressing structural, economic, social and spatial dysfunctionalities”.

Other housing programmes include Informal Settlements Upgrading Programme, Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme and the Special Presidential Package’s Programme on Revitalisation of Distressed Mining Communities.

The list of proposed PHDAs is included in the notice.

Submissions to relevant municipalities are invited within 60 calendar days from the date of publication.

Affected municipalities must forward submissions to the department within 120 calendar days of the date of publication. Submissions have to include a municipal council resolution indicating support or otherwise of each PHDA.