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Price of Medicines for 2022 Under the Spotlight

August 24, 2021

Department of Health

Comment is sought on proposed adjustments to the price of medicines and substances for 2022.

The health department published the call for comment in Government Gazette 45022 in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.

Regulations Relating to the Transparent Pricing System for Medicines and Scheduled Substances empowers the health minister to determine on an annual basis the extent to which medicine prices may be adjusted.

Four options based on a CPI weighting and a foreign exchange weighting are on the table.

Comment is invited within three months of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, the department has announced the launch of a Covid-19 vaccine train by Transnet.

According to the department, the Transvaco train has ultra-cold fridges to handle temperature sensitive vaccines and can hold up to 108,000 vials.

It aims to bring Covid-19 vaccines to remote communities and those with limited medical resources.

In a statement, the department confirmed that the daily vaccination rate peaked in the third week of July with an average of more than 250,000 doses administered from Monday to Friday.

However, the daily rate has dropped since then to less than 200,000 doses per day.

A total of 9,962,111 vaccine doses had been administered by Thursday last week.