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President Ramaphosa Assents to Marine Spatial Planning Act

May 6, 2019

The Presidency

6 May 2019

President Ramaphosa has assented to the Marine Spatial Planning Act.

The presidency published the act in Government Gazette 42444.

The bill was published for comment in March 2016 and tabled in parliament in April 2017.

Parliament passed the bill and sent it for assent in December 2018.

The act aims to:

• provide a framework for marine spatial planning in South Africa;
• provide for the development of marine spatial plans;
• provide for institutional arrangements for the implementation of marine spatial plans and governance of the use of the ocean by multiple sectors; and
• provide for matters connected therewith.

The legislation flows from Operation Phakisa for the Ocean Economy initiated in 2014.

A National Working Group on Marine Spatial Planning is to be set up tasked with developing a draft marine spatial planning framework and draft marine area plans.

A Directors-General Committee and a Ministerial Committee are also to be established.

The act comes into effect on a date still to be determined by the president.