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Presidency Shines Light on SIU Recommendations

February 7, 2022

The Presidency

The presidency is contemplating setting up a structure to monitor the implementation of Special Investigating Unit (SIU) recommendations.

The presidency announced this during a briefing to the standing committee on public accounts (SCOPA) on the processing of SIU reports submitted to the presidency.

According to the presidency, Section 4(1)(g) of the Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act requires that the SIU, once an investigation has been wrapped up, submit a final report to the president.

The presidency then considers the recommendations contained in a final report and ensures that the final report is submitted to the relevant state institution for implementation of the SIU recommendations.

State institutions are called upon by the presidency to provide feedback to the presidency and the SIU on the implementation of the recommendations.

However, according to the presidency, very few state institutions actually provide feedback.

The presidency has also observed that state institutions move slowly in implementing disciplinary action.

During the briefing, the presidency also pointed out that a plan is under construction in conjunction with the SIU and the auditor-general (AGSA) to ensure that, when the president releases the reports to state institutions, copies are also provided to AGSA for inclusion in audit plans.

The presidency also provided feedback on the SIU Report pertaining to Proclamation 23 published in July 2020 that launched an investigation into any unlawful or improper conduct in the procurement of any goods, works and services during or related to the COVID-19 national state of disaster in any state institution.

The Report was released last month.

The investigation focused on 5 467 PPE contracts for Covid-19 related services that were awarded to 3 066 various service providers with the value of the contracts exceeding R14 Billion.

According to the presidency, R551.5 million is set to be recovered following the investigation.

Meanwhile, in response to the briefing, SCOPA has called on the presidency to submit an update on developments within 14 days.

In a statement, SCOPA confirmed that it also seeks a full progress report of the implementation of the SIU recommendations by the end of February.

The committee also wants monthly progress reports from the presidency on the implementation of the recommendations.