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Premier Soccer League Plans Given Thumbs Up

June 25, 2020

Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

The plans of the Premier Soccer League in relation to Level 3 Directions have been approved.

In a statement, the sports, arts and culture department declared that the plans have also been analysed by health authorities including the National Institute of Communicable Diseases.

The recommendation is that the “measures put in place by the organisation meet and in some instances exceed the required protocol for a safe return to training and to play in a Biologically Safe Environment”.

Different sports bodies are currently submitting their plans in accordance with Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Sports Directions published in Government Gazette 43434 on 11 June 2020.

The Directions gave the green light to professional non-contact sports matches to take place in a stadium without spectators.

Professional contact sports were also able to resume training.

Sports bodies were given 14 days to draw up operational plans.

The department indicated that the operational plans being submitted outline the sports bodies’ respective state of readiness and the stringent health protocols they will implement in accordance with the prescribed Regulations and Directions.