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Policy Framework for South African Missions in the Pipeline

July 31, 2020

Department of Tourism

Consultation on the Draft Policy Framework for the South African Missions tourism promotion and facilitation support was finalised at the end of 2019.

The tourism department confirmed this during a briefing in parliament on its Quarter 3 report for 2019/20.

The department added that the international relations and cooperation department and SA Tourism were consulted on the draft policy framework.

The objectives of the policy framework are to enhance the promotion of SA as the preferred tourism destination (destination of choice) through utilising SA Missions; facilitate capacity building in the field of tourism for officials in South African Missions abroad; facilitate the promotion of tourism as a trade and investment opportunity and support Missions in order to obtain market insights and intelligence relevant to the tourism sector.

In a briefing on the Quarter 4 report for 2019/20, the department confirmed that planning for the national roll out of the Mentorship Pilot Programme was not finalised as the Tourism Business Council of South Africa did not sign the Service Level Agreement.

The department pointed out, however, that the Pilot is ready for implementation but is affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

The department announced that virtual implementation of the Pilot will take place in 2020/21.

The department also indicated that the Tour Operators incubator will be put on hold due to COVID-19.

However, support to emerging tour operators will be provided via the Domestic Tourism Scheme.

The Digitalisation Framework for the tourism sector was also developed and will be consulted with key tourism stakeholders in order to inform the implementation of digital platforms across the tourism value chain.