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Plan to Bolster Child Protection Register

May 24, 2017


A private member’s bill aims to increase the scope of offences that would render an offender unsuitable to work with children.

The draft Children’s Amendment Bill is the brainchild of the Democratic Alliance’s Mike Waters.

Offenders’ names would also be placed on the Child Protection Register if offences were committed against children in terms of the Sexual Offences Act and the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act.

This would not apply to cases where children were the offenders.

Offenders guilty of the above-mentioned offences as well as rape or indecent assault against a child in the five years prior to the commencement of section 120 of the Children’s Act would also be declared as undesirable to work with children.

The draft bill also wants the court to decide, in cases where a child is the offender and convicted, whether he or she should be prevented from working with children.

Child offenders would be given an opportunity to argue why such an order would not be in their best interests.

The proposed legislation was published for comment in Government Gazette 38222.

Written comment is invited until 19 December 2014.

It can be emailed to btwaya@parliament.gov.za and copied to veeralp@da.org.za.