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PCC Endorses District-Based Model

August 21, 2019

The Presidency

21 August 2019

The President’s Coordinating Council has endorsed a new district-based model for development.

According to a presidency statement, the model will “synchronise planning by all spheres of government and involve citizens and civil society in the development of South Africa’s 44 municipal districts and eight (8) Metros”.

The Khawuleza (“hurry up”) District Coordination Service Delivery Model is to be submitted to cabinet for approval this week.

Joint committees of cabinet, the Local Government MINMEC, provincial Members of Executive Councils for local government and the South African Local Government Association have previously endorsed the model.

The model seeks to “secure maximum coordination and cooperation among the national, provincial and local spheres of government, who will act in partnership with civil society – including communities, business and labour – at the district level countrywide”.

Single integrated plans will be drawn up per district spelling out the role of each sphere of government, communities and civil society in each district.

From next year, national budgets and programmes will be “spatially referenced across the 44 districts and 8 Metros”.

The same approach will apply to the provincial and local government spheres.