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Parliament Briefed on Minimum Service Delivery Standards

June 18, 2021


The national council of provinces was recently briefed on Draft Minimum Service Delivery Standards for driving licence testing centres.

The transport department published the draft standards for comment in Government Gazette 43913 in November 2020 in terms of the National Road Traffic Act.

The draft standards are also designed to set a standard for Vehicle Testing Stations and Registering Authorities referred to as Client Contact Centres.

“The specific focus will be to prescribe and set the minimum standards and requirements for service delivery to the Client at Client Contact Centres as it relates to, inter alia, the issuance and acquisition of learners’ and driving licences, roadworthy certificates, the registration and licensing of motor vehicles.”

According to the department, challenges experienced by Clients in accessing and obtaining services rendered by Client Contact Centres include long queues, lack of clear signage, unannounced closing of centres, lack of adequate access to relevant information on services and lack of service level agreements resulting in client contact centres not being held accountable for service delivery.

The draft standards focus on signage to and in the facility, safety and security, parking, forms, queues, dedicated customer service desk, working office equipment, waiting area, ablution facilities, staff, business office hours, communication to the client, complaints management process and service level agreement.

Draft Service Delivery Charters are also set out.

In a briefing to the select committee on transport, public service and administration, public works and infrastructure, the department pointed out that necessity of a service delivery standard was fueled by reports from the Office of the President who, in 2012, “conducted unannounced visits to service centers across the country outlining the poor state of government service centres”.

The department seeks approval of parliament prior to promulgation of the service delivery standards.