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Nzimande Shines Light on National Ports Authority

March 4, 2019

Department of Transport

The transport minister, Blade Nzimande, has highlighted the need to corporatize the National Ports Authority with a separate Accounting Officer and a Divisional board.

The minister made this known during an address at the inaugural Maritime Transport Dialogue in Durban.

He added that he will be “tasking the National Ports Consultative Committee to advise me on the steps that must be undertaken to implement this crucial piece of legislation with greatest of efficiency, working with Minister of DPE”.

According to the minister, his department is leading the Marine Transport and Manufacturing work stream, one of the six work streams established by the Operation Phakisa ocean economy.

He outlined steps that need to be taken to meet some of the initial targets drawn up by the work stream.

Included is an increase in the local manufacturing capacity through a 10% increase in the usage of local components for boat and ship building, increase in the ship repair capacity at Richards Bay, increasing the amount of minerals exported on South African ships and attracting investment into the development of coastal shipping.

The minister also pointed out that the Maritime Transport Sector Development Council needs to be set up as soon as possible to “develop concrete strategies and co-operation to develop and transform the sector”.

Measures to ensure that maritime zones are increasingly serviced by licensed South African entities are being drawn up.

In a separate matter, the transport department, in Government Gazette 42260, announced that an application for an aerodrome licence for Zulu Nyala Airfield has been received.

Zulu Nyala Game Ranch applied to the Civil Aviation Authority for the licence.

Representations on the application are invited until 1 April 2019.