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NPO Amendment Bill in the Pipeline

August 28, 2019

Department of Social Development

28 August 2019

The Draft Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) Amendment Bill was not submitted to cabinet due to the Socio Economic Impact Assessment System Certification not being concluded.

The social development department confirmed this while briefing parliament on its quarterly performance for January – March 2019.

The department added that the draft bill will be submitted to cabinet for approval in the current financial year.

The draft bill is designed to improve the policy and regulatory environment in which NPOs operate.

The department also indicated that the Draft Policy Paper on demographic youth dividend in the country had been completed.

The Draft Social Service Practitioners Bill had also been submitted and presented to the Social Protection, Community and Human Development FOSAD cluster in February 2019 and the green light was granted to table the proposed legislation in cabinet for approval.

The department also pointed out that the Discussion Paper on the review of the SA Social Security Agency Act was completed and further presented to departmental management structures and internal consultation on the Draft Policy on the Universalization of the Child Support Grant had been conducted.

Other developments highlighted by the department include that the National Strategic Framework on Disability Rights awareness campaigns will be further consulted with various structures in the new financial year, the Draft Policy on Social Development Services to Persons with Disabilities will be refined in the current financial year and further consultation with key stakeholders on the White Paper on Social Welfare will be conducted in the current financial year.