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Nominations Called for National Lotteries Commission Chairperson

March 4, 2019

Department of Trade and Industry

The National Lotteries Commission seeks a chairperson.

The trade and industry department published the call for nominations in Government Gazette 42258.

The Commission flows from the Lotteries Act of 1997.

It was set up to monitor and enforce the implementation of the national lottery and the establishment of private lotteries and promotional competitions.

The chairperson serves a five-year term.

Nominations are invited until 8 March 2019.

Meanwhile, in Notice 269, the department published the 2019/20 sugarcane varieties approved for planting within specific control areas.

The list, drawn up by the South African Sugar Association, is published in terms of Clause 82 of the Sugar Industry Agreement.

In a separate matter, the department, in Notice 110, published draft standards for comment.

Some of the draft standards include standard test method for collection and measurement of dustfall (settleable particulate matter); detergent skin cleansers; fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises part 4: specification for carbon dioxide systems and the use and control of fire-fighting equipment part 1: portable and wheeled (mobile) fire extinguishers.

Two new standards, requirements for copy paper and fibre optic communication subsystem basic test procedures part 1-3: test procedures for general communication subsystems – central wavelength and spectral width measurement, are included in the notice.

In Notice 109, the department announced the initiation of an investigation for remedial action in the form of a safeguard against the increased imports of threaded fasteners iron or steel: bolt ends & screw studs, screw studding and other hexagon nuts (excluding those of stainless steel and those identifiable for aircraft).

According to the International Trade Administration Commission, the South African Iron and Steel Institute on behalf of the South African Fasteners Manufacturers’ Association and its members producing the subject product applied for the safeguard.

The decision to proceed with the investigation is based on sufficient information to indicate that there were unforeseen developments that led to the increase in imports, the SACU industry is suffering serious injury and there is a causal link between the serious injury and the surge in volumes of imports.