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New Standards Drawn Up

June 21, 2022

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

New standards have been drawn up.

The trade, industry and competition department published the new standards in Government Gazette 46554 in terms of the Standards Act.

New standards include civil engineering test methods Part AS24: determination of the moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixes (modified Lottman); security and resilience – emergency management – guidelines for the use of social media in emergencies; safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use – Part 2-032: particular requirements for hand-held and hand-manipulated current sensors for electrical test and measurement; medical electrical equipment Part 2-61: particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of pulse oximeter equipment; and the selection, handling and installation of electric power cables of rating not exceeding 33 kV art 9: jointing and termination of unscreened extruded solid dielectric-insulated cables up to 3,3 Kv.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the department pointed out that government, local vaccine manufacturers and organised labour have welcomed the agreement at the World Trade Organisation that can support production of Covid-19 vaccines in developing countries.

According to the department, the agreement “allows governments to authorize local manufacturers to produce vaccines or their ingredients, substances or elements and utilize processes which are covered by patents, without the permission of the patent holders during the pandemic”.

Ministers Ebrahim Patel and Thoko Didiza noted that the agreement was a “step forward in government’s efforts to stimulate African industrialisation and it has the potential to unlock production beyond fill and finish”.