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New Delivery Model for Digital Migration Approved

October 15, 2018

Department of Communications

The new delivery model for the Broadcast Digital Migration Project will be phased in from March 2019.

The communications department confirmed this in a statement on the project.

Cabinet approved a revised delivery model last week.

According to the cabinet statement, the “model adopts a market/retail-driven approach through collaboration and partnerships with the private sector and industry”.

Government will no longer be involved with the procurement of set-top-boxes, warehousing, transportation and installation of devices.

The department pointed out that the adoption of the new delivery model will not render the already procured decoders “absolute or non-usable”.

“The new model of broadcasting digital migration will continue to subsidize indigent television viewing households.”

The department will announce more details on the new delivery model soon.

In the statement, the department emphasized that government remains “committed to ensuring that all South Africans, subsidized and non-subsidized, migrate to digital services”.