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National Water Tariff Policy Under the Spotlight

April 29, 2021

The Presidency

The development of a transparent National Water Tariff Policy is in the pipeline.

The presidency announced this in a statement following a meeting of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission Council last week.

The Council consists of the president, deputy president and other members of the national executive, premiers, executive mayors, and leadership of the South African Local Government Association and state-owned enterprises.

A rigorous revenue collection and management strategy at all stages of the water value chain to ensure sustainable revenue for the water sector is also on the cards.

The meeting shone light on municipal water infrastructure, a “complex area in which the Council has identified challenges ranging from infrastructure failure (sewer spillages, potholes, leaks, solid waste on streets, etc.) to infrastructure service delivery interruptions (water cuts, electricity cuts, road closures, non-collection of refuse etc.)”.

The Council also resolved to fast-track the setting up of a National Water Resource Infrastructure Agency, speed up the review of the Raw Water Pricing Strategy to ensure effective pricing and cost-reflective tariffs and set up an Independent National Water Regulator to separate regulation from water resource management and water services provision.