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National Water Resources Strategy Drawn Up

August 3, 2022

Department of Water and Sanitation

The Draft National Water Resources Strategy has been drawn up.

The water and sanitation department published the draft strategy in Government Gazette 47133 for comment in terms of the National Water Act (NWA).

The draft strategy, the third edition of the National Water Resource Strategy (NWRS-3), focuses on strategic imperatives; context; reducing water demand; increasing water supply; redistributing water for transformation; managing effective water and sanitation services; regulating the water and sanitation sector; managing water and sanitation under a changing climate; promoting international cooperation; improving raw water quality; promoting and restoring ecological infrastructure; creating effective water sector institutions; data collection, analysis and information management for effective monitoring, evaluating and reporting; building capacity for action; ensuring financial sustainability; enhancing research, development and innovation; and addressing legislative and policy gaps.

The aim of the NWRS-3 is to ensure the “protection and management of water resources to enable equitable and sustainable access to water and sanitation services in support of socio-economic growth and development for the well-being of current and future generations in South Africa”.

The NWRS-3 is also a “strategy for all sectors and stakeholders who use and impact upon South Africa’s water resources and it responds to the NWA by outlining strategic objectives and actions which are then carried forward for resourcing and implementation in the National Water and Sanitation Master Plan”.

Comment is invited within 90 days of the date of publication.