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National Strategic Plan on GBVF Drawn Up

June 12, 2020

Department of Social Development

The National Strategic Plan for Gender-based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) has been drawn up.

The social development department confirmed this in a briefing on progress made in implementing the GBVF Emergency Plan.

According to the department, the National Strategic Plan sets out South Africa’s roadmap to fight GBVF.

Resources are being prioritized to implement the plan.

The department also pointed out that the Emergency Response Plan ended in March 2020 and a report was handed to president Ramaphosa in April 2020.

The department emphasised that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors and the department has been instrumental in ensuring psychosocial support services are provided to all vulnerable groups within the pillars of prevention and protection, response, care, support and healing.

The Emergency Response Plan focused on access to justice for victims and survivors; changing norms and behavior through high-level prevention efforts; urgently responding to victims and survivors of GBV; strengthening accountability and architecture to adequately respond to the scourge of gender-based violence; prioritizing interventions that facilitate economic opportunities for addressing women’s economic vulnerability and child protection measures based on a 365 days programme of action against violence, child abuse, neglect and exploitation to mobilize communities in addressing issues of violence against children.

The department confirmed that the incidences of GBV has increased during the lockdown period.

The GBV Command Centre received 4 983 calls between 1-26 March 2020 (before lockdown) and 40 774 calls from 27 March to 30 May 2020 (during lockdown).

The department highlighted that most services will be implemented during alert level 3 via various mechanisms in compliance with COVID-19 protocols.