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National Public Transport Regulator Seeks Members

June 4, 2021

Department of Transport

The National Public Transport Regulator (NPTR) seeks members.

The transport department published the call for nominations in Government Gazette 44645.

According to the notice, the NPTR is set up to “monitor and oversee public transport in the country in general and the activities of the Provincial Regulatory Entities and municipalities in relation to their transport functions; receive and decide on applications relating to operating licences for interprovincial transport services, tourist transport services and accreditation of tourist transport operators; oversee fares charged for public transport services throughout the country; and advise the Minister on the making of regulations in relation to fares or fare structures in terms of section 8 of the Act”.

The NPTR Committee consists of not more than 7 members appointed in their personal capacity as department officials on a part-time basis for a maximum of three years.

Nominations are invited until 18 June 2021.