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National Policy on Examinations for Colleges on the Cards

April 14, 2021

Department of Higher Education and Training

A Draft National Policy on the Conduct, Administration and Management of the Examinations for Colleges has been drawn up.

The higher education and training department published the Draft Policy in Government Gazette 44427 for comment.

It was drafted in terms of the Continuing Education and Training Act.

The department points out that the Draft Policy aims to provide a direction regarding the conduct, administration and management of the examinations for colleges.

It adds that, in particular, the Draft Policy seeks to “deal with matters related to the preparation and the conduct of examinations, the marking and other related processes, irregularities, security and confidentiality relating to the examination, access to examination and certification information including historical records”.

The Draft Policy focuses on conduct of site-based assessment/internal continuous assessment, practical and language oral assessment tasks; student-related matters; preparation for the examinations; conducting the examination; recording and reporting assessment for a particular qualification or part qualification; the marking process; processing marks; re-marking, re-checking and viewing examination answer scripts; irregularities; security and confidentiality; access to examination and certification information; historical records (archiving) and data retention; minimum requirements for an examination computer system, and documents and document control pertaining to the examination system; examination boards and amendment of the national policy on the conduct of adult education and training (AET) level 4, nated report 190/191 and national senior certificate (vocational) examinations, short title and commencement.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 44433, the basic education department published the Terms and Conditions of Employment of Educators in terms of Section 4 of the Employment of Educators Act.

The Terms and Conditions focus on the prevention of re-employment of former educators discharged or deemed discharged for misconduct or deemed resigned.

The intention is to regulate the period of prevention of re-employment of former educators dismissed or deemed dismissed for misconduct or deemed resigned and to provide for a procedure for the re-employment of such educators.

A list of acts of misconduct and corresponding mandatory periods of prevention from re-employment is provided.