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National Labour Migration Policy in the Pipeline

January 12, 2022

Department of Employment and Labour

The employment and labour department continues to consult with representatives from the road and trucking industries in order to develop a workable solution via legislation and other means.

A follow up meeting was held last week with the Truck Drivers’ Forum and the Road Freight Bargaining Council to discuss a long-term solution to the issues raised by truck drivers and to attempt to prevent illegal activities such as road blocking.

In a statement, the employment and labour minister, Thulas Nxesi, pointed out that, over time, a solution may be found that allows the All Truck Drivers Foundation to have a voice in the Bargaining Council.

“We propose legal registration as a government so that all stakeholders can be recognized and have a lawful status as members participating in Labour Market concerns”, he said.

The department confirmed that consultation with social partners on the Draft National Labour Migration Policy that seeks to “restrict and limit the number of individuals companies can hire from other countries, particularly in industries that do not require sophisticated skills” was underway.

Speaking in October 2021, the minister declared that the department is wrapping up work on the Draft Policy designed to “introduce quotas on the number of foreign nationals with correct work visas that can be employed in the various sectors of our economy”.

The Draft Policy will be published for comment once the consultations are concluded.

Meanwhile, in another statement, the department announced that Nedlac is on track to finalise a Code of Conduct and Guidelines on enforcement to deal with violence and harassment in the workplace by March 2022.

The minister submitted South Africa’s ratification instruments on the Convention that deals with violence and harassment in the workplace to the International Labour Organization in November last year.