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National Database of Creatives in the Pipeline

May 29, 2020

Department of Sport, Arts and Culture

The sport, arts and culture department plans to set up a national database of creatives and their organisations and businesses.

The department revealed this during a briefing on the COVID-19 relief fund at a virtual meeting in parliament.

Currently, the department does not have a database of creatives nor is any registration done in the sector.

According to the department, the COVID-19 Relief Process has presented an opportunity for the setting up of the national database.

In terms of lessons learnt during the COVID-19 Relief Process, the department pointed out that the quality of applications was affected due to the short turnaround time for applications, technology needs to be looked at to speed up the electronic submission and subsequent management of applications, priority must be given to the most disadvantaged, any disclaimers/declarations to be included in the terms and conditions, possible use of third party entities to manage the entire process, the need to secure enough resources to address the demands of the sector and stronger collaboration with other departments for information and databases sharing.

In terms of sport, the criteria for the relief fund applied to the loss of income due to cancelled Events/Project/ Productions as a result of the national lockdown, loss of income to athletes and arts-practitioners who were confirmed to participate in events that have been cancelled and financial support to digital proposals that provide an alternative to conventional presentation platforms.

Athletes as well as their coaches and technical support responsible for the athletes who were confirmed to participate in events that have been cancelled needed to provide the department with proof of booking and cancellation and taxes had to be in order.

According to the department, the adjudication panel finalized the adjudication in 2 sittings and considered applications in 4 categories, namely, approved, conditionally approved, declined with recommendations and declined.

Payments have been disbursed to 282 successful applications, unsuccessful applicants have been informed of the outcome and process of appeal and an appeals panel has been appointed.

As regards arts and culture, relief focused on department funded and non-department funded projects.

An independent panel of 30 adjudicators was appointed by the minister to adjudicate over the 3 346 applications received.

Of the 3 346 received, 2990 was for the COVID-19 Relief while 353 was for digital applications.

The department pointed out that 1507 applications were unsuccessful for not meeting the criteria or sending incomplete applications.

The balance of the applications was completed by the end of last week.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the department confirmed that artists were provided with the amounts that they requested but the maximum amount given to each artist is R20 000.

“Those who requested less than R20, 000 were given the amounts they specifically requested. These include artists who have appealed and were considered favourably.”