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National Conventional Arms Control Regulations Amended

May 13, 2020

Department of Defence

National Conventional Arms Control Regulations have been amended.

The defence department published amendments to the regulations in Government Gazette 43303.

The amendments were drawn up in terms of the National Conventional Arms Control Act of 2002.

The regulations were published in 2012.

They outline how the register of persons involved in controlled items is to be maintained.

The list of controlled items includes:

• Weapons
• Munitions
• Explosives
• Bombs
• Armaments
• Vessels
• Vehicles and aircraft

All people involved with the trade in or the possession of controlled items are to be registered with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee. A registration certificate will be issued.

Once registration has taken place, permits will be issued based on the needs of the applicant.

Examples of permits include:

• Marketing permit
• Contracting permit
• Export permit
• Import permit
• Multiple import permit
• Conveyance permit
• Possession permit

The regulations also deal with the destruction of controlled items. Items can only be destroyed after permission from the committee has been granted.

Other issues covered in the regulations include:

• Conditions under which permits can be issued
• Amendments to permits
• End-user certificates and undertakings
• Exemptions
• Keeping of records
• Applications for exports of firearms and ammunition
• Reports
• Categorisation of controlled items

The amendments replace the last sentence before the signature in items 3 and 4 of the End-user Certificate with the following:

“It is agreed that on-site verification of the controlled items may be performed, through diplomatic process.”