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Municipal Planning Regulations Drawn Up

May 25, 2022

Department of Cooperative Governance

Draft Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations have been drawn up.

The cooperative governance department published the proposed Regulations in Government Gazette 46380 for comment.

The draft Regulations were drawn up in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act.

In a statement, the department points out that a review of the 2001 Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations is underway.

“Section 37 of the Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 allows for the Minister responsible for local government to make regulations or issue guidelines to provide for matters in relation to integrated development planning.”

The department adds that the review of the Regulations is focused on the Municipal Planning component and is “aimed at ensuring that there is greater alignment given the number of government policies and legislation, that have been enacted since 2001 which have implications on integrated development planning processes at a municipal level”.

A new Regulation 3A on Review of an Integrated Development Plan is proposed while amendments are also proposed to Regulation 15 on Community Participation in Respect of Integrated Development Planning and Performance Management.

Comment is invited until 30 June 2022.