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MOU Between Competition Commission and Council for Medical Schemes in Place

May 27, 2021

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place between the Competition Commission and the Council for Medical Schemes.

The trade, industry and competition department announced the MOU in Government Gazette 44593.

The MOU is designed to set down the manner in which the Commission and Council interact with each other to enable them to coordinate the “exercise of concurrent jurisdiction powers when making decisions in relation to merger transactions and complaints involving medical schemes, medical scheme administrators and brokers”.

It also enables the parties to “apply a consistent interpretation and application of the principles of competition when exercising their powers and their respective functions in terms of their enabling legislation in relation to medical schemes”.

The parties also agree to provide each other with information pertaining to the investigation of anti-competitive practices, complaints, regulation of mergers and acquisitions and research developments and studies within the medical schemes industry.

Recommendations flowing from the Commission’s Health Market Inquiry that relate to the Council will also be shared.

The MOU will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to “accommodate developments incidental to matters that require cooperation between the two statutory bodies in the medical scheme industry”.