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MOU Between B-BBEE Commission and CIPC in Place

October 13, 2020

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Commission and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has been drawn up.

The trade, industry and competition department published the MOU in Government Gazette 43784.

The MOU focuses on mutual co-operation and assistance between the B-BBEE Commission and CIPC relating to the fulfilment of responsibilities and obligations under the Companies Act, the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, as amended, and any other legislation applicable to the Parties.

The MOU applies from 6 June 2020 until 5 June 2025.

Meanwhile, in Notice 550, the department announced that the Competition Tribunal has received a complaint referral from the Competition Commission alleging that Aludar Holdings(Pty) Ltd and Ikemele Egg Production engaged in a prohibited practice in contravention of the Competition Act.

In Notice 551, a list of mergers approved by the Competition Tribunal has been published.

The mergers include the acquisition of Retail Logistics Fund by Equites Property Fund Ltd; Edcon by Retailability (Pty) Ltd; Atlantis Nissan Centurion by Motus Group Ltd and Hinterland Holding (Pty) Ltd by Afgri Agri Services (Pty) Ltd.

In Notice 552, the department published draft standards for comment in terms of the Standards Act.

Draft standards include electric cables for motor vehicles – low-voltage cables and flexible earthing straps for motor vehicles; information technology – automatic identification and data capture techniques – bar code verifier conformance specification – part 2: two-dimensional symbols; diesel and domestic heating fuels – determination of cold filter plugging point – stepwise cooling bath method; fat and oil derivatives; methods for the calibration of vibration and shock transducers part 22: shock calibration by comparison to a reference transducer and functional safety – safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector part 1 and 2.

New standards include luminaires – part 2-1: particular requirements – fixed general purpose luminaires; medical device software – part 2: validation of software for medical device quality systems; chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption – hexafluorosilicic acid; hearing protectors; adventure tourism – good practices for sustainability – requirements and recommendations; chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption – sodium hydroxide and polymer floor dressings.