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Mortgaging of Aircraft Fees Adjusted

October 1, 2019

Department of Transport

1 October 2019

Fees relating to the mortgaging of aircraft have been adjusted.

The transport department published the revised fees in Government Gazette 42726 in terms of the Convention on International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft Act.

The revised fees are contained in the Fourth Amendment of the Mortgaging of Aircraft Regulations.

According to the notice, the regulations were last amended in 2018 and certain provisions, in particular the fees, have become outdated.

The fees relating to mortgaging have been amended by CPI plus 1 %.

Some of the adjusted fees include R1 840 for the recording of a mortgage in the register of aircraft mortgages, R1 840 for a declaration of transmission of rights in a mortgage, R1 370 for a certificate of mortgage, R230 for access to the register of aircraft mortgages and R1 60 for the furnishing of information from the register of aircraft mortgages, per page.