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Media, Advertising and Communications Charter Council Launched

March 30, 2022

The Presidency

The Media, Advertising and Communications (MAC) Charter Council has been launched.

Speaking at the launch at the end of last week, the minister in the presidency, Mondli Gungubele, announced that one of the Council’s first tasks is to review and align the 2016 MAC Sector Code in terms of the new requirements issued by the trade, industry and competition department in 2019.

The minister added that this should be completed by no later than January 2023.

“The revised Code will ensure that the sector can be measured with yardsticks that apply to MAC, instead of the generic code”, he said.

According to the minister, the MAC Charter Sector Council is responsible for, inter alia, monitoring compliance with the MAC Charter Sector Code; providing guidance on matters relating to BEE in the MAC sector; developing a baseline indicator for all different elements of B-BBEE and engaging and advising the sector minister, GCIS and other relevant regulatory entities regarding the MAC Sector Code.

The minister confirmed that government will look to the MAC Charter Council to “provide leadership and advice on how best government can match other countries successes in redressing the economic imbalances in a digital and multiplatform environment”.

The Council is also expected to develop and issue a Draft Annual Sector Monitoring Report that “assesses the state of transformation in the Sector, measuring all dimensions of the MAC Sector Code including ownership, management and control, skills development, enterprise supplier development within 12 months from today”.

Meanwhile, in terms of the digital migration process, the communications and digital technologies department, in a statement on the High Court judgement on e-TV and others vs minister of communications and digital technologies and others, the communications and digital technologies minister, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, welcomed the deferment on the analogue switch off date from 31 March 2022 to 30 June 2022.

According to the department, the deferment is to “give government sufficient time to complete installations of Set Top Boxes (STB) for households who have timeously registered and thus are entitled to receive their STBs before the analogue switch off”.

In an earlier statement on the end of dual illumination through analogue switch-off across South Africa, the department emphasized that the “benefits of the digital migration and ending dual illumination far outweighs any short-term inconvenience that may happen after the analogue switch-off”.

“Government remains committed to providing quality broadcasting viewing with more variety options and entertainment pleasures for the free-to-air audiences across the country.”