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Meat Industry Company Fees Set Down

December 1, 2021

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC) fees have been set down.

SAMIC published the fees in Government Gazette 45536 in terms of the Agricultural Product Standards Act.

SAMIC has been designated as assignee to apply the Regulations Regarding the Classification and Marking of Meat intended for Sale in the Republic of South Africa at all red meat abattoirs that participate in the voluntary classification and marking of meat system.

Abattoir service fees for High Throughput have been set at R5 197 while Low Throughput stands at R3 308.

The fees apply from 1 January 2022.

In Notice 1524, the agriculture, land reform and rural development department published applications for plant breeders’ rights for the period July 2021 to September 2021.

Objections are invited within three months with reference to denominations and within six months with reference to applications and grants from the date of publication.