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Mbalula Outlines Transport Strategic Priorities

January 23, 2020

Department of Transport

23 January 2020

The transport department seeks an efficient, safe, reliable, affordable and integrated public transport system.

The transport minister, Fikile Mbalula, emphasised this during an address at a meeting with chairpersons and chief executives of transport public entities in Johannesburg.

According to the minister, South Africa’s economy requires a public transport system that enables workers to reach their workplaces around the clock.

“Currently, our public transport system is not responsive to this need, resulting in transport being an additional input cost to the employer, which costs invariably gets passed on to the end-user”, he said.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, “seamless integration must be realised across modes”.

Seven priority actions outlined to attain the desired public transport system include a public transport funding model that levels the playing field by including the taxi industry and enabling effective regulated competition; an integrated taxi industry contributing to the tax base; roll-out of the Integrated Public Transport Networks infrastructure; an integrated ticketing solution; a safe and reliable commuter and regional rail service; scholar transport that meets the needs of scholars and efficient, safe and affordable rail and road-based public transport operations.

Other strategic priorities include safety as an enabler of service delivery, infrastructure build that grows the economy, building a maritime nation and boosting the oceans economy and speeding up transformation towards greater economic participation.

The minister highlighted five priority actions underpinning the maritime programme.

These include enhancing South Africa’s Ship Registration Regime; transformation within the maritime sector; rolling out coastal shipping and creating new economic opportunities by maximising the use of inland waterways.

In terms of safety, the department plans to “vertically integrate traffic policing to create a single chain of command and proclaim traffic policing as a 7-day, 24-hour job”.

The minister called on transport public entities to “improve the performance of your respective entities through better governance, by ensuring the appointment of skilled staff and board members with the requisite skills, while guarding against improper interference, particularly in allocation of tenders and appointment of staff”.