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Material Transfer Agreement of Human Biological Materials in Place

July 24, 2018

Department of Health

The Material Transfer Agreement of Human Biological Materials has been drawn up.

The health department published the Agreement in Government Gazette 41781 in terms of the National Health Act.

The aim of the Agreement is to set out a framework within which the Parties will engage in the transfer, use and other processing of the materials.

The Parties referred to means the Provider, the Recipient and the Human Research Ethics Committees (HREC) involved in the transfer of human biological materials.

The materials will be used in research or clinical trials.

The framework for the Agreement consists of the following:

• Objective;
• Definitions;
• Agreement;
• Obligations of the provider;
• Obligations of the recipient;
• Obligations of the HREC;
• Benefit sharing;
• Duration of Agreement;
• Termination of project;
• Informed consent;
• Dispute settlement;
• Intellectual property;
• Confidentiality;
• Publications and publicity;
• Indemnity;
• Domicilia and notices;
• General;
• Authority; and
• Counterpart signing of this Agreement.

Meanwhile, after consultation with the South African Nursing Council, the department has published Draft Regulations Regarding the Register for Learner/Student Nurses and Learner/Student Midwives for public comment.

The proposed regulations focus on, inter alia, particulars to be entered into the register, admission to register, removal from the register, deferment of training, resumption of training and registration fees.

Written comments on the proposed Regulations, published in Gazette 41781, are invited within three months of the date of publication of the Notice.