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Market Inquiry into Public Passenger Transport Sector Extended

May 31, 2019

Department of Economic Development

31 May 2019

The completion date for the Market Inquiry into the Public Passenger Transport Sector has been amended.

The economic development department published the amended terms of reference in Government Gazette 42496.

The Market Inquiry will now be completed by 31 July 2019.

The Inquiry, conducted by the Competition Commission, got off the ground on 7 June 2017.

Its terms of reference were published in Gazette 40837 in May 2017.

The Inquiry is designed to understand the general state of competition in the land-based public passenger transport sector.

The Commission holds the view that there are “features or a combination of features in the industry that may prevent, distort or restrict competition, and / or to achieve the purpose of the Competition Act.”

The Terms of Reference also set out the scope as well as the expected timeline for the Inquiry.

Upon completion of the Inquiry, a report will be published in the Gazette.

Detail was provided on the legal basis for the Inquiry, the background to the public passenger transport industry, the rationale for the Inquiry, the scope of the Inquiry and the Inquiry process and timelines.

The initial plan was to wrap up the Inquiry by May 2019.

According to the latest notice, the Commission decided to amend the completion date to allow for sufficient time for engagement on proposed recommendations.

The scope of the Inquiry remains the same.