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Maritime BBBEE Charter Council Seeks Members

April 23, 2019

Department of Transport

23 April 2019

Nominations are sought for members of the Maritime Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Charter Council.

The transport department made the call in terms of the Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy (CMTP).

The Council is tasked with considering and adopting Maritime Sector Codes of Good Practice on Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.

According to the invitation, members of the Maritime BBBEE Charter Council must “demonstrate years of active involvement in industry and people development and experience in running successful maritime businesses in such positions as entrepreneurs; professional services and labour in the areas of infrastructure and or in maritime operations and broader maritime value chain”.

The department has also called for nominations of candidates to serve on the interim Maritime Transport Sector Development Council (MTSDC).

The CMTP stipulates that an MTSDC be set up by June 2019 in order to enable the development of a multiyear Maritime Transport Sector Development Plan and to review and monitor overall performance of the sector.

Some of the functions of the envisaged MTSDC include ensuring the provision of highest levels of maritime infrastructure and services by developing and ensuring the approval of the Maritime Transport Sector Development Plan, promoting the South African Maritime industry brand, supporting the implementation of the Maritime Transport Strategy, ensuring better regulation, governance and sustainable use of the oceans environment, ensuring the development and promotion of a maritime youth development programme and ensuring the transformation of the maritime industry.

Nominations for both the Charter Council and the MTSDC are invited until 10 May 2019.