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Many Draft Bills Yet To Be Tabled In Parliament

August 13, 2009

Despite few bills having been presented to Parliament in the current year, a considerable number of draft bills, in fact at least twenty seven at this stage, have been published for public comment. Most of them are expected to be tabled by government at some or other time.

A dozen transport bills including a draft National Road Traffic Amendment Bill, a Transport Acts Repeal Bill and ten maritime shipping bills are amongst the build-up in the department of transport.

Published by the minister of justice and constitutional affairs are both constitutional amendment bills, the seventeenth and eighteenth, plus a draft Protection From Harassment Bill and a draft Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill. A draft Muslim Marriages Bill has also been in the public domain for comment but not yet been tabled.

The new minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs should be tabling a Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Amendment Bill quite shortly as this was stated as urgent, with the minister of home affairs similarly putting the Recognition of Customary Marriages Bill before Parliament.

There is a brace of post office bills setting up the new Postbank to come from the department of communications and three taxation amendment bills to come from the minister of finance.