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LPG Rollout Strategy Drawn Up

May 17, 2022

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Rollout Strategy has been drawn up.

The mineral resources and energy department published the Strategy in Government Gazette 46358 in terms of the Petroleum Products Act.

The Strategy was published for comment in 2021.

The executive summary points out that the LPG industry in South Africa can provide a quick and effective solution to household thermal requirements.

However, changes in the current LPG industry structure and/or value chain are needed to introduce elements of effective value-add throughout production, importation, distribution, wholesaling and retailing.

The Strategy provides a framework for the expansion of the use of LPG in South Africa with special emphasis on the household sector.

It also aims to ensure the “optimal contribution of LPG in addressing the country’s electricity and other energy supply challenges”.

Successful implementation of the Strategy involves dealing with four key challenges, namely, removal of restrictive features in the LPG market, provision of adequate and open access LPG importation structure to accommodate imports, conducting safety awareness campaigns to deal with negative perceptions on the use of LPG and improved cylinder management.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 46357, the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) invites nominations of candidates to serve as the NNR chief executive officer on the NNR Board.

Nominations are invited until 30 May 2022.