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Law Reform Commission Draws Up Four Reports

March 31, 2022

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

The South African Law Reform Commission has submitted four reports to the justice and correctional services minister, Ronald Lamola.

During remarks at the handover, the minister declared that the four critical reports “propose recommendations with far reaching effects for the law and our statute book and – more importantly – will have a significant impact on the lives of South Africans”.

The minister emphasized that the “content of the law must by all means possible match the ideal of justice”.

He added that laws must have a meaningful impact on the lives of people.

The four reports are the Report on Sexual Offences (Pornography and Children); Investigation Into Legal Fees, Including Access To Justice And Other Interventions; The Practice of Ukuthwala and Harmonisation Existing Laws Providing For Different Periods Of Prescription.

The minister pointed out that the four reports analyse “systemic problems in our justice system and in society and recommending an appropriate legislative remedy to address these”.

“The reports cover issues which are at the heart of access to justice, the distortion of cultural practices and the ability for claims to be justly adjudicated”, he said.