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Land Reform Programme Under the Spotlight

May 31, 2022

The Presidency

Government is committed to ensuring that the land reform programme delivers on the aspirations of ordinary people.

The deputy president, David Mabuza, highlighted this during an address at the Communal Land Administration and Tenure Summit.

“Not only is accelerated land reform a necessary condition for restorative justice, but it is a pre-condition for forging unity and social cohesion across the nation”, he said.

The deputy president described South Africa as being at a cross road.

“One possibly leading to anarchy and destruction, and the other, leading to carefully guided land reform programme that ensures strategic land acquisition, land redistribution, and restitution of land to its rightful owners and those who need it for development”, he said.

“Whilst we accept that land reform is a complex and emotive matter, as a responsible government, we affirm our determination to choose this as the path”, he added.

The deputy president confirmed that “land tenure reform remains a critical component of our land reform programme”.

He declared that government will proceed with “available policy and legislative instruments that will assist in the acquisition of more land for redistribution and expansion of communal land, especially in areas where land has been expropriated in the public interest”.

The deputy president confirmed that proposals discussed and agreed at the Summit will be refined into clear policy instruments to advance land administration and tenure reforms in South Africa.

He suggested that communal land administration and tenure should be geared to “position strategic communal land for targeted industrial development in key sectors of comparative advantage”.