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Land Court Bill Under the Spotlight

August 16, 2019

The Presidency

16 August 2019

The Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Land Reform has adopted the road-map for the development of the Land Court Bill.

The presidency announced this in a statement following the 2nd Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting on Land Reform for the 6th Administration.

The meeting, held in Pretoria, evaluated progress made by government departments in the implementation of the Land Reform programme.

The IMC was set up in 2018 chaired by Deputy President David Mabuza.

According to an earlier presidency statement, it is tasked with coordinating and implementing measures to “accelerate the redistribution of land, the extension of security of tenure, the provision of agricultural support and the redress of spatial inequality within a broad and comprehensive land redistribution and agricultural development programme.”

Issues discussed at the latest meeting include the government response to the Presidential Advisory Panel Report on Land Reform; the Draft National Spatial Development Framework; the Integrated Plan for the release and strategic utilization of government owned land; the status of Land Claims; and the Integrated Model for Farmer Support.

In particular, the IMC noted the speedy response by the public works and infrastructure department in releasing 100 parcels of land for Land Restitution purposes.

“The remaining parcels of land are at the stage where land use studies are being finalised, and this includes land identified for human settlements.”

The IMC is to report to cabinet on the matter.

With regard to farmer support, the IMC highlighted progress made in the development of the Integrated Model for Farmer Support.

“This highlights government commitment to accelerate sustainable agrarian transformation, provision of food security and support of small holder farmer development through the provision of technical, financial and infrastructure support.”

The meeting also adopted the roadmap for the finalization of the Expropriation Bill.