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Just Transition Framework Drawn Up

July 8, 2022

The Presidency

The Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) has handed over the Just Transition Framework to President Ramaphosa.

In a statement, the presidency declared the handover as a “major step in the country’s climate response and in achieving a just transition in South Africa”.

The PCC was set up in December 2020 as an advisory body on South Africa’s journey to a net-zero economy and climate resilient society.

It adopted the Just Transition Framework in May 2022.

“The framework sets out the policy measures and undertakings by different social partners to minimise the social and economic impacts of the climate transition, and to improve the livelihoods of those most vulnerable to climate change.”

According to the presidency, the president undertook to “champion the framework within government, informed by the aspirations of workers, social partners, and our communities”.

The presidency highlighted that, until now, there has not yet been a “single policy framework that sets out the vision, principles and interventions that will give effect to this transition, as agreed to by all social partners”.

Speaking during the handover, the president described the Framework as an “evidence-based document and a victory for evidence-based policymaking”.

“It draws on a sizeable body of local and international research on the policies and practices related to the transition to a low carbon economy”, he said.

The president emphasised that the Framework calls on government to adopt a comprehensive plan and a set of activities to achieve a low-carbon economy and society.