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ITAC Receives Application for Rebate on Railway Roller Bearings

March 9, 2021

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

The International Trade Administration Commission has received an application for a temporary rebate provision on railway journal roller bearings.

The trade, industry and competition department announced the application in Government Gazette 44229.

The applicant, Timken South Africa (Pty) Ltd, claims that there is currently no manufacturer of outer rings of railway journal roller bearings in the SACU region; local production has ceased and current domestic demand of the subject product does not justify the investment required in setting up a complete manufacturing production line.

Comment is invited within four weeks of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, in Notice 89, the department listed mergers approved by the Competition Tribunal.

Mergers include the acquisition of Solar Capital DE AAR 3 (RF) (Pty) Ltd by Greenstreet 1 (Pty) Ltd; Flender GMBH by Zephyr German Bidco GMBH; Pepkor Speciality by Blue Falcon 188 Trading (Pty) Ltd and Hollard Holdings (Pty) Ltd by Dotsure Ltd.

In Notice 90, the department announced the implementation of rebate item 311.40/00.00/01.04 for textile yarns and textile fabrics imported for the manufacture of apparel and clothing accessories.

According to the notice, Rebate Item 311.40/00.00/01.04, in effect from 5 February 2021, will be applicable, during the first twelve months, only for the importation of woven textile fabrics classifiable under chapters 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 and tariff heading 58.01 for the manufacture of apparel and clothing accessories classifiable under Chapter 62.

In Notice 93, the department published the guidelines, rules and conditions pertaining to Rebate Item 311.40/00.00/01.04.

In Notices 91 and 92, the department announced the issuing of new standards.

New standards include power transformers – part 22-7: power transformer and reactor fittings – accessories and fittings; electric cables for photovoltaic systems with a voltage rating of 1,5 kV DC; construction works: part EJ: joinery; methods for the petrographic analysis of coals – part 1: vocabulary; chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption – chlorine dioxide generated in situ; iron ores – sampling and sample preparation procedures; road traffic safety – good practices for implementing commuting safety management; cranes – wire ropes – care and maintenance, inspection and discard and lighters – safety specification.