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Israeli Goods to be Relabelled

August 29, 2017

Department of Trade and Industry

The trade and industry department has published a list of goods originating from the Israeli-occupied territories that require new labelling.

The list is published in Government Gazette 36364 in terms of section 24 of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008.

The act stipulates that a trade description cannot be assigned to a good that is likely to misled consumers.

The act also empowers the minister to prescribe categories of goods that have to have trade descriptions.

Producers and importers of goods are also expected to clearly indicate the country of origin of the goods.

The department wants to correct a situation where certain goods originating from East Jerusalem, Gaza or the West Bank are being labelled as originating from Israel.

Goods originating from East Jerusalem, Gaza or the West Bank are now to be labelled as “East Jerusalem: Israeli Goods”, “Gaza: Israeli Goods” and “West Bank: Israeli Goods”.

The list includes:

• Cosmetics;
• Technology;
• Food and Beverages;
• Textiles; and
• Household Goods;

According to the notice, the list can be added to in future.

The new requirement applies to imported goods as well as goods produced in South Africa from imported material.

Only goods originating from within Israel’s borders as existing between 1948 up until 1967 can be labelled as “Made in Israel”.

The proposal to relabel Israeli goods was published for comment in October last year.