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Infrastructure Development Regulations in Place

June 14, 2022

Department of Public Works and Infrastructure

Infrastructure Development Regulations are in place.

The public works and infrastructure department published the Regulations in Government Gazette 46519 in terms of the Infrastructure Development Act.

The act was signed in 2014 and allows for the continued existence of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC).

The PICC was set up by cabinet in July 2011 to bring together the three spheres of government to drive increased levels of infrastructure development.

The PICC is tasked with developing a twenty-year infrastructure pipeline.

The act empowers the PICC to expropriate land so that a strategic integrated project (SIP) can be implemented.

The act also sets down the requirements for SIPs.

The Regulations apply to both public and private sector projects.

They focus on significant economic criteria; significant social criteria; contribution to national strategy or policy relating to infrastructure development; minimum monetary value of projects and approval of SIPs.

According to Schedule B, in order for an infrastructure project to be designated as a SIP, it must have a monetary value of at least R400 million per annum, for a minimum of three consecutive financial years, or a total project value of at least R1 billion.