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Implementation of Child Support Grant Top-Up Underway

June 3, 2022

Department of Social Development

Implementation of the extended Child Support Grant (CSG) policy for orphans in the care of relatives (CSG Top-Up) is underway.

In a statement, the social development department declared that the recent promulgation of the Social Assistance Amendment Act opens the door to additional payments linked to social grants.

The act empowers the social development minister, in concurrence with the finance minister, to make provision for a top up of 50% more on the CSG for orphans in the care of relatives who are eligible for the CSG.

“These children will receive their basic CSG which is currently R480 plus an additional amount of R240 (50% of the basic CSG), bringing the total amount to R720.”

The department added that the provision is an “important part of the comprehensive legal solution to the foster care challenge, as it will enable relatives caring for orphans to get a social grant quickly by going directly to SASSA without first needing a social worker’s investigation, report and a court order”.

The CSG Top-Up also alleviates the “burden on social workers contending with high foster care caseloads by reducing the number of new applications and two-yearly extensions”.

The act also provides for online applications for CSG and CSG Top-Up.

Applications for the CSG Top-Up opened on 1 June 2022.