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IMC on Land Reform to Meet Once a Month

August 6, 2018

The Presidency

The Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Land Reform will be convened on a monthly basis going forward.

The presidency confirmed this in a statement on the outcomes of the inaugural IMC meeting held last week.

The IMC was set up to oversee the implementation of cabinet decisions on land reform as well as recommendations of the Joint Committee on Constitutional Review and the High Level Panel on Land Reform.

The IMC resolved that land reform must be based on three elements, namely, increased security of tenure, land restitution and land redistribution.

It has also been asked to focus on the “development and implementation of a package of post-settlement support measures to enhance productivity of restituted land, including communal land.”

A panel of experts is also to be appointed to provide a “unified perspective on expropriation of land in the wider context of persisting land inequities and unsatisfactory land and agrarian reform as well as urban land development and distribution achievements since 1994.”

According to the presidency, monthly meetings of the IMC will be preceded by technical work of the committee of Directors-General of relevant government departments to evaluate progress.