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ICASA Shines Light on Call Termination Regulations

June 3, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

A review of the pro-competitive conditions imposed on licensees in terms of the Call Termination Regulations is on the cards.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) announced the intention to review the pro-competitive conditions in Government Gazette 44636.

Amended Call Termination Regulations were published in Gazette 41943 in September 2018.

In a statement at the time, ICASA described the Regulations as part of the broader measures to reduce the cost to communicate.

It also held the view that the wholesale call termination rates as contained in the final Regulations would aid in transitioning the market towards a more competitive landscape as contemplated in the Electronic Communications Act of 2005.

The amended Regulations kicked in on 1 October 2018.

According to ICASA, the review will be conducted in phases with phase 1 focused on the commencement of the review and request for information, phase 2 on the discussion document, phase 3 on public hearings on the discussion document and phase 4 on the findings document.

The discussion document will be published for comment once drafted.