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ICASA Seeks Input on Licence Transfer Applications

January 27, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) invites representations on an application for the transfer of individual electronic communications service and individual electronic communications network service licences.

The invitation was published in Government Gazette 44093 in terms of the Electronic Communications Act.

Twin Peak Technologies cc has applied for the transfer of its Individual Electronic Communications Service licences to ABT Telecoms (Pty) Ltd.

According to the notice, the applications will be evaluated on the basis of certain criteria including promotion of competition in the ICT sector; interests of consumers and equity ownership by Historically Disadvantaged Persons.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 44095, ICASA calls for representations on an application from Telemedia (Pty) Ltd for the transfer of control of its Individual Electronic Communications Network Service (I-ECNS) licence.

The transfer application seeks approval from ICASA to transfer control of the I-ECNS licence from the current shareholder in Telemedia to the new shareholder in Telemedia.

Representations on both invitations are invited within 14 days of the date of publication of the notices.