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ICASA Amends Municipal Elections Broadcasts Regulations

October 11, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

The Municipal Elections Broadcasts and Political Advertisements Amendment Regulations have been amended.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) published the amended Regulations in Government Gazette 45272.

A new Annexure A is inserted.

It focuses on provincial principles of political election broadcast (PEB) airtime allocation and national principles of PEB airtime allocation.

According to ICASA, the amended principles will ensure that there is an “efficient use of broadcast airtime with targeted audiences and to obtain maximum impact electoral messaging disseminated by political parties and independent candidates”.

The amendment also seeks to ensure that there is equitable access to PEB messaging.

ICASA indicates that, previously, the PEBs for municipal elections broadcast did not include the independent candidates and in the upcoming municipal elections, the number of political parties has increased.

As a result, the number of the available PEB slots for the registered participants will not be sufficient to allocate to all participants and, therefore, the current principle of allocation is not adequate.

In conclusion, ICASA points out that the amended principles in Annexure A will ensure “equitable allocation of PEBs thereby providing all registered and contesting political parties and individual candidates PEBs broadcast on applicable broadcast media”.

The amended Regulations came into effect on the date of publication.