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Hydrogen Society Roadmap on the Cards

October 21, 2020

Department of Science and Innovation

The National Hydrogen Society Roadmap for South Africa is to be developed.

The science and innovation department announced that the development of the Roadmap will be in line with the Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Strategy.

In a statement on South Africa’s Platinum Valley project, the department pointed out that the “vision of the HySA strategy is to use local resources to create knowledge and human resource capacity, enabling the development of high-value commercial activities in hydrogen fuel cell technologies”.

The department added that the “Roadmap will set out the plan for creating an inclusive hydrogen society in South Africa so that an enabling compact between industry, labour, communities and the government can be developed”.

The compact will enable the government and industry to draw up a policy framework for exploiting the potential benefits of hydrogen by integrating it into various sectors of the economy.

An Atlas of Green Hydrogen Generation Potentials in Africa is also under development that will establish Africa’s potential as an exporter of green hydrogen.

“The atlas will not only identify clean hydrogen potentials in the continent but will also consider related social, political, climate, infrastructure, policy and environmental issues.”

According to the department, the implementation of the HySA Strategy is linked to a number of other national policies, such as the Minerals Beneficiation Strategy and the National Climate Change Response White Paper.