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Human Rights Plan on HIV and TB Services Drafted

June 12, 2019

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

12 June 2019

A three-year Human Rights Plan on HIV and TB services has been developed.

Speaking on the introduction of the plan, the deputy minister of justice and constitutional development, John Jeffery, explained that the plan was informed by current priorities in responding to identified human rights and gender-related barriers to HIV and TB services in South Africa.

The plan flows from the Human Rights Working Group tasked with developing a “three-year strategic plan to guide the implementation of comprehensive and focused programmes to remove human rights-related barriers to services, to collect evidence through a monitoring system, and to cost the plan”.

According to the deputy minister, the plan outlines seven key programmes including to reduce stigma and discrimination; sensitize and train health workers and service providers, including community based workers; sensitize law and policy makers and law enforcers; increase legal literacy (“know-your-rights”) campaigns; strengthen access to legal support services and monitor, review and reform laws and policies.

All the interventions focus on both HIV and TB-related law and human rights issues.

The deputy minister expressed confidence that the “national Human Rights Plan will provide a comprehensive response to human rights-related barriers and will ensure that we leave no one behind”.