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Hearings on Independent Broadcasting Authority Regulations on the Cards

June 22, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

Public hearings on the Discussion Document on the Review of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (Advertising, Infomercials and Programme Sponsorship) Regulations is on the cards.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) published the discussion document in Government Gazette 44333 in March 2021 for comment.

The review is designed to determine the effectiveness of the Advertising Regulations and whether there is a need for amendments.

According to ICASA, Advertising Regulations are outdated and need to be reviewed as they have been in force for over eighteen years.

ICASA seeks to ensure that viewers are protected from excessive advertising; that advertising, infomercial and programme sponsorship is clearly distinguishable from normal programming; that broadcasters adhere to the limits on advertising and infomercials and broadcasters maintain editorial independence and control over programming.

ICASA points out, in Gazette 44728, that, by the closing date for comment on 7 June 2021, seven stakeholders had submitted comments with four indicating interest in making oral submissions.

Virtual hearings are scheduled for 14 July 2021.